The leader you are going to be in 2012 - Part 1

When did you begin to care so much what others think?

This year is going to be different for you as a leader.  You're not going to wait for all the heads in the room to be nodding in approval before you start to move on an idea.  You're not going to wait until everything has been signed off on and you're not going to wait for enough permission to move forward on your bright idea.  The web of popularity will catch and trap every great idea you have.  

Instead, this year when you have an idea you're going to stop and reflect on it.  You're going to create a plan and you're going to take action when you have the plan set.  Then you're going to see it through, every single step of your plan will be completed.  Some of your ideas will be highly valuable to us and some of your ideas will not be valuable to us, but, either way, you have improved as a leader because you shipped your idea and you saw it through.  We need  you to be this leader in 2012.  We need you to get the ideas out of your head, into a plan, and completed.  Press back on the resistance created by fear and lead us through movement toward an idea.  You're a leader so get moving.

What keeps you from shipping your ideas?  Please comment so we can support you!

Photo taken by Capture Queen