The key to developing lots of leaders

I remember being 18 years old sitting in the car of someone that I respected and he spoke vision into my life about being a leader. The moment was so important I still remember what intersection we were at (The stoplight at Faron and Woodbine), how many cars were in front of us, and even what the sky looked like that day. I can remember every detail from this life changing moment 16 years ago. bullseye

Photo credit to Tim Snell

There is a difference between a leader who produces lots of leaders and a leader who doesn't. The leader who produces lots of leaders has the ability to speak vision into the personal life of another person.

How do you speak vision into someone else's life?

1. Choose a private moment - It's hard for people to take the seriousness of what you're saying in a social situation instead of a private moment. If the receiver can't hear you clearly the message will always be lost.

2. Name the place - "I think you would be a good ________________ ." A key to speaking into the life of a person is to give them a destination. People will think to themselves, "Maybe I could do that?" As leaders we get to be the people who say, "You can do that."

3. Ask for their thoughts - You may have dropped a bomb on someone, it's important to allow them to process. Insecure leaders will want to back up their vision in order to convince the person they are right. Don't do this, allow processing time. Say, "What do you think about when I say that?" Shut up and listen.

4. Now the "Why" - Why you believe in this person is SO important! Make sure you have prepared in advance for this moment. Now speak into their gifts and how those gifts will equip them to be successful at the vision you put out there.

5. Say it one more time - Don't drag out the conversation but end it with, "I just wanted you to know that I think you would be an amazing ___________"

In leadership we can screw up and assume the people we lead know what we think they are capable of. The bad news is we make the wrong assumption. The good news is that we can speak vision into the lives of people we care about.

Please leave a comment about how someone spoke a vision into your life that stuck!