The fear of change

You can't fear change so stop being a sissy.  As a leader you will either see it coming and take the appropriate actions or it will catch you and you'll lose the opportunity to react.  The moment you begin to resist it and hope it goes away is the day you lose momentum. Here is why we resist change:

1.  You have a system you've put a lot of time into and you don't want to start over.

2.  You assume if it isn't interesting to you it's not interesting to everyone else.

3.  Your title allows you to silence those that are calling for change.

4.  You're old.  No seriously.  We think older equals more comfort.  

5.  You're hoping it's just a fad.  Like Elvis.  Like The Beatles.  Like Nintendo.  Like Email.  Like text messaging.  Like Facebook.  

Leadership requires you to stare down the barrel of change.  If you don't it's like fishing without ever throwing a hook into the water.