The day your excuses ran out

Ladies and gentlemen, a new era has arrived. For every leader who has resisted the move to social media thinking that it doesn't apply to them, or it's too much work to figure out, or they excuse it is as if their quality of leadership is above it...your excuses just ran out.

May I introduce you to the Pope's personal Twitter account:

Here's the Pope's first tweet:


Can we talk about how the Catholic Church is often the most resistant organization to change and progress? If the Pope is tweeting before you do you realize what you're communicating to those you lead?

Here's a list of what you're telling them:

1.  You have no right to know anything about me.

2.  You have no right to know what I am dreaming about.

3.  You have no right to know what happens in my every day world.

4.  You have no right to give me feedback.

5.  I am untouchable, don't criticize me.

6.  I am not worried about what you have going on in life.

7.  I am okay being disconnected from those who do most of the work.

8.  I only celebrate things from a stage at a major meeting, conference, or publication.

9.  I have no desire to personally coach anyone outside of my direct reports.

10.  I only want to see results.

I could keep going here, but I think you catch the point.  The day of leaders hiding in their corner offices, or even their corner in the vatican, is officially over.

What do you think about the Pope tweeting?  Please leave your comments below!