The Apostle Paul: freakin brilliant

When leading a community of people it's critical that the leader can say, "this one thing is what it's all about." Have you done this?

The apostle Paul when leading a new community of ragamuffins reminds them that they are to use their gifts and that they have entered a time and space where they will operate within three things: faith, hope and love.

How many of us wish we had a job description where the key result areas were just three things?

But then it gets even better because Paul says, "But the greatest of these is love."

Ugh, he's good.

(Somehow in the this post I have abandoned paragraphs, very Rob Bell-ish of me)

My point is that every team finds freedom in the "one thing". For the community that Paul was speaking to it always, when it doubt, boiled down to one thing: Am I demonstrating love? That's freakin brilliant leadership.

What about your team? What one thing does everything else hinge on? If you haven't communicated this you need to.