Coaches are better storytellers than wizards

I have this adventure where I truly don't belong.  I get to coach football at a local high school.  I don't just enjoy coaching, I love it! I don't think there is much about me that fits the mold as a high school football coach.  I'm not a yeller.  Never have been.  I don't like sunglasses.  Which, I lose every single pair that I buy so I don't spend more than 10 bucks at target for a pair.  As soon as it gets cold, I bundle up; nothing in me needs to prove to someone at a game that I can stand in a blizzard in a short sleeve shirt and shorts.  But coaching football and being on a coaching staff has taught me some marvelous lessons in leadership, the largest lesson being the power of story.

Our coaching staff is full of guys who tell great stories.  We had a meeting last week and of course it was full of great stories.  I mean laughter.  Stomach hurt kind of laughter.

Story adds an incredible value to leadership.

Here are the things it does for you:

1.  Story casts vision

2.  Story includes people

3.  Story causes people to laugh and feel, which makes the experience better

4.  Story reveals what is possible through what has been done before

5.  Story offers people hope

So are you a story teller?  Do you provide space with your team and when your with your people to tell stories?  Can you help people laugh?  Can you help people see what was and what could be?

Just for my own entertainment, make sure you deliver the goods...whatever that means?

[youtube FRJ9GDpSiLE]