Are you the 9 percent?

The Occupy Movement became famous in the past year.  "We are the 99%" was their slogan.  You ready to have your mind blown?  For every Occupy fan who used that slogan on social media hoping that someone would have a response; only 9% did.

I got this statistic off of Heidi Cohen's fantastic blog post yesterday titled "5 Social Media Inspired PR Tips."  Glance down to her third point and you will see the data.  At first I was disheartened by this information:

On social media, there’s generally a 90% just consume information /9% comment on the information / 1% create content ratio.

Much is written online about the value of comments. Many will say it's a true measurement of engagement.  So as a passionate leader who wants as many people as possible in my community to be engaged with the mission I love 9% made me question if social media was an effective way to communicate.

But then I thought about what this means for the people around us, for the people we lead.  Do they only get a response to sharing the important things in their lives 9% of the time?  Doesn't that make you want to be in their 9%?

Can we be leaders who participate in social media only to advertise?  100% of the time advertisement is going to be seen.  But only 9% will engage it.

How can you be a part of someone's 9% today in your tribe?