tina turner

Like Tina Turner sweaty and singing

Let me ask you as a leader, "What's social network got to do with it?"  You are officially welcome for having Tina Turner stuck in your head for the rest of the day.  If it wasn't me who put Tina, all sweaty and singing, in your head, it would have been Oprah...so it's best it came from me.


I'm not sure if you've caught on to this whole internet thing, but social networking is big.  You, as a leader, could be using these resources in several ways! Here are a couple of ways you can be #winning like Charlie Sheen using Social Networks:

1.  Publicly recognizing your people- The next generation is okay with messages over Facebook and Twitter, so why not affirm them for things they are doing right!  They look like they are #winning and you get to practice catching people doing things right. Plus, now a whole lot of people see that you are affirming a gift in someone.  Who doesn't want to be a part of that?

2.  Sharing information- This is probably the fastest way to share information with people.  Where was the first place I learned that Osama Bin Laden was shot?  Not on TV or CNN.com. I was on twitter and then checked Facebook.

3.  Attracting new people- Social networks might be your next big recruiting tool.  People talk...on statuses.  Time to lean into the reality that the new "word of mouth" is actually "word online."

4.  Filtering new people- The nice thing about recruiting new people from social networks is that it allows organizations to filter people.  That picture you posted of yourself two weeks ago on a drinking binge running from that police car with only one handcuff on was cool to your friends.  But that same picture just eliminated you from getting the job you wanted at the orphanage.  (Drastic example?  More than likely.)

5.  Give a glimpse-  This applies especially to the people you lead.  I have a friend who manages a lot of people over a large geographical area.  One thing he does extremely well is that he tweets what he is doing that day, where he is, and who he is with.  Brilliant!  Do you know why?  The people he leads sees how hard he is working and caring for people, they get a glimpse of what his life is like.  They know where he is and why sometimes they can't get a hold of him or why he might not be returning a call right away.  What it really says to people is how much he cares and is willing to support people.

So don't be scared of social networking.  Embrace it!  Every leader needs to be working on it or someone else will invent something and you will be so far behind we will just stop looking for you to ever show up.  For example:

[youtube BeLZCy-_m3s]