Bring back the Swag

I want to know where the big dreamers have gone?  Not the perfectionist, but the proclaimers; people who wanted things to be so great that the crowd had to share the story of what happened.  This type of person would dream a great thing AND create it.  Risk of failure was the most common denominator of success.  As a matter of fact, risk of failure was actually viewed as an adventure instead of a deterrent.  A body of people develop out of that mindset and become a community of swagger because failure became a purifier.  If something failed the question became, "How do I do it better?" instead of "I should quit."  Therefore, everyone was always getting better instead of quitting. All of this is true but it rises and falls on leadership.  If you're the leader you better get up and fail in front of everyone and call it failure. However, you then get back up and get better instead of laying on your back like a cockroach kicking your legs waiting to die.



Where does swagger come from?

I was recently purchasing deodorant and was a little overwhelmed by the options.  I knew the route I was going: Antiperspirant and deodorant.  I don't get why anyone would choose to smell good but still sweat like a banshee. [youtube dgsEuW8Hss8]

You didn't actually think I found a video of a banshee did you?

I know you're dying to know what I bought.  The decision was based on price, I went with Swagger by Old Spice.

[youtube HAJ3fdYIxXU]

[youtube kNUCsUUaevk]

[youtube rvfk7ip-Wo8]

As I stood staring at all the options in deodorant I had the thought, "Are we really to a place where guys need to feel like their deodorant gives them swagger?"  We've taken the role of risk out of having swagger, we want swagger without the option to fail.

How do we help young leaders have swagger, the kind that makes them successful instead of just smelling good?

1.  We catch them doing right more often than catch them doing wrong.

2.  We help them discover their gifts.

3.  We help them focus on their strengths and help them delegate the areas they are weak.

4.  We teach them how to be part of a team.

5.  We teach them how to build teams.

6.  We teach them the value of humility (Philippians 2).

7.  We teach them the value of servant leadership (Phillipians 2 again...that Jesus, he always right).

I'm going to stop there since seven is a holy number.

Swagger does not come from how you smell, swagger is a result of great coaching and preperation.