Are you entitled to have a blog? Six questions to ask yourself before you start one.

Possibly. Well, if we're speaking candidly of course you have the right to blog. However, knowing why you're blogging is even more important than what you're going to blog about. Just because you can write about something doesn't mean you're entitled to a blog.

What is it that makes you unique in your work environment, school, neighborhood, or family. When you identify what that is you may have discovered why you should blog. Because that one thing, whatever it is, adds value to those around you. It's something you do naturally and you could teach it to someone else. Often, people try to pick a topic to blog about instead of taking on the role of a teacher or coach in what they already do well. What can I learn from you? What would make me better as a person, employee, leader, home owner, parent, etc?

Now, you may be the leading expert on a topic and able to lead an entire community in conversation around that topic. Most people are not the worlds greatest expert but they are successful at something that comes naturally to them. Reflect on what comes naturally to you and break it down so that I can learn from you. Can you observe others attempting to do what you do and offer coaching tips? A blog like this will last. Anyone can start a blog but few can make it longer than six months, a year, or even two years.

Check out this great infographic titled "How we are Blogging".

So remember these things when you think about starting a blog:

1. What do I naturally do better than anyone else?

2. Do I have a strategy of how often I will post?

3. Is this something I want to financially invest in? (Don't invest financial resources unless you're committed to two years of consistant writing).

4. What blogging platform would I like to use? (Wordpress, Blogger, Typepad, etc...)

5. Who do I know that could help me? Do I know anyone already doing a great job?

6. Again, what do I naturally do better than anyone else?

The biggest challenge to blogging is not design or building an audience. Neither of these will make a blog last. The biggest challenge is consistently writing on a weekly schedule. Are you up for the challenge? I'd like to see you try.