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Let's talk daddy love

Great leaders honor those before them and Father's Day is sneaking up on you,  it's pretty easy to forget about Dad.  June 17th is right around the corner so let's pause for a second and act like I'm your dad.

Photo credit to dieselbug2007

You'll get over the shock in a second.

As your dad I want to make this Father's day convenient for you.  Buy me one of the following items (or a couple of them) on and it will be at the door in plenty of time to wrap it up (Don't you dare try to rap about the gift and make a joke about "rapping it".  Lame).  Click on any of the following images to be beamed to the wonderful world of to make a purchase.

For my child who actually has cash:

Kindle Touch 3G (Click on the picture to purchase)

You know how dads are, they won't make a change unless your force them to.  Whitey tightees are the perfect example.  The Kindle Touch 3G is extremely user friendly and takes little tech knowledge to make work.  The wireless service is free and the user can shop for new books and download them all on the device.   I love to read, and if I didn't already have one, it would be at the top of my list.

For the child who can read and respects reading

 The Hunger Games Box Set

You know what Dad needs this year?  The enjoyment of Katniss hating President Snow!  If dad doesn't have a Kindle but loves to read, this series is fantastic.  I know, I know...You think it's a book for teenagers.  Come say that to my face.  I'll show you tracker jacker.

For the child who knows dad has a Netflix issue 

 Roku 2 HD

And a Hulu issue.  And a Amazon Instant Movie issue.  These are just the big names, the list goes for other content as well.  This little bad boy is why I don't pay a cable bill.  The simplicity is amazing, just plug in the power chord, connect to the TV, and connect it to your wireless internet.  Everything streams to the the Roku and is in awesome HD on your TV.  Did I mention there is an free iPhone app that will function as a remote control?  Brilliant!

For the child who likes to eat non raw nor burnt food

 GSI Quality Handheld Mini Non-Contact IR Infrared Thermometer Gun With Laser Targeting

Point and shoot baby.  That's right, dad can point at a piece of meat on the grill, pull the trigger, and get the internal temperature of whatever he is cooking!  As long as he can refrain from shooting anyone in the eye with the laser he will be the premier griller on the block.

For the child who appreciates the iPad

Logitech Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

By far my favorite iPad accessory.  In many situations I wish my iPad could push more volume and this the solution.  Through a Bluetooth connection it can work in any setting: At the office, in the car on a road trip, out on the back deck, etc...this little speaker gives you the volume you've been looking for your iPad and has great battery life with no chords!

For the child who hates the cell phone clip

Belkin Grip Vue Tint Case for iPhone 4- Clear

Trying to get dad to take his iPhone off his hip and finally put it into his pocket?  This is what you have been waiting for.  Belkin hit a homerun with this rubber cover for the iPhone that glides in and out of a pocket yet is incredibly durable.  I once dropped my phone from six feet up onto concrete and the phone survived!  I'm not guaranteeing you the same results but if you are trying to get Dad away from 2004, think about getting him this gift.

So there you have it, I am officially not your father anymore but I hope I have provided you with some ideas for June 17th, 2012.  Don't forget, to order any of those items just click on the image above to get beamed over to  Happy shopping!  Make pops happy.