Ship it good

Top three things I learned about leadership in 2011

#1: Leaders Ship

You're probably thinking this is a joke but it's not a joke. I know, obviously leaders ship because the word is leadership. Seth Godin has forever influenced me through his book Linchpin (which you can order through my sidebar by placing your cursor over the book) because he talks about the importance of shipping an idea. Yes, everyday people package things in a box and hand them off to UPS or some shipping company to be delivered but this is different. This shipping means you stop having an idea and you start sharing your idea. This shipping means you stop thinking about an invention and you create the invention. You've got to ship it, ship it good (I mean come on, you had to see that coming). Whatever you think would make the world better for people you have to ship it!

The desire to ship is to lead where no one else has been. In a time that isn't yet defined and without a standard, which I think is now, Godin would define creation in this span as art. I want to be an artist that ships. I don't want to be a good factory worker that is always on time and just does what their told. I want to look on the horizon to see what's coming and create art for future success. This was my best leadership lesson in 2011, to be a leader who chooses to ship.