Are you armed?

Is your weapon close to your hip? Can you draw it fast and shoot it quicker? Do you know how to clean it up and make sure everyone out there knows you have it? I'm not talking about a gun, I'm talking about your mobile phone camera. Dur.

Every leader is trying to share a vision. As we are are doing the work with others we see a glimpse of the vision becoming a reality and we need to LEVERAGE that moment! Some of us are hoping our words are enough, if we write a compelling story people will be moved to also live out the vision. But a vision is an image right? This is why we describe visions with phrases like, "In my mind's eye, this is what I see." This is why your mobile phone camera is a powerful tool in your mission. When you see the vision becoming a reality TAKE A PICTURE!!! Be quick, if you are using an updated iPhone take it out and hit the home key twice, which will give you the option to open your camera without having to unlock your phone and then find the camera app. If you're a true pro, you know that once the camera is open you can use the volume up botton on the side to snap the picture. You can show everyone the vision becoming reality in less than three seconds.

Last but not least, Instagram that picture. Instagram allows you to manipulate pictures with a single touch, it only makes your pictures better. Get out there on those wonderful social networks and a blog and show the tribe what a the vision becoming a reality looks like! As a matter of fact, this blog was based around a single picture I once took to show my tribe that we are supposed to have adventures where we don't belong.

Notice I'm in a crowd of high school people. That alone makes me stick out. But then there is the fact that I am wearing black on white out night. Pretty good picture right? But I can make the picture even better!

See, now it makes my story even better because the picture is black and white, which makes me stick out even more.

So leaders, get out your mobile phone and show the vision becoming a reality! This will inspire your entire tribe to also turn the vision into reality!

What tools are you using to share your vision that's becoming a reality with your tribe?