The hope I don't find in politics I find in you

Almost a week later and the topic of the election is still hot.  I've tried to unplug from it as much as possible.  To be honest I've become a little disinterested in politics over the years.  It makes no sense that we have anti-bullying hotlines in our elementary schools when the primary action to get elected is who's the better bully.

But where I lose hope in politics I find it in you.  That's right.  You.

I find hope in you because you can take personal responsibility.  Regardless of which side of politics you agree with you can take action on what you feel is important.  Do the poor matter to you?  Apparently they don't if you're not doing something about it.  Does the freedom to financially succeed matter to you?  Than what are you doing to financially succeed?

My hope is in you today.  Will you stop waiting for someone else to tell you they believe what you believe is important?

Have a great Monday.