How you would know you grew as a leader this week

Did you read this week?

A book.  A blog.  Anything?  The growth of our bodies is dependent on protein. The growth of our thoughts is dependent upon our influencers.  So who influenced you this week?  Because who influenced you also influenced your leadership.  John C. Maxwell would say leadership IS influence.

Don't believe your leadership is purely based on output results.  Your leadership is based on who you're willing to follow and have influence on you.  If you want to be great leader Monday let great leaders influence you over the weekend.  Stop to read something written by a leader you respect or has the reputation of a great leader.  There is still time for you to know you grew as a leader this week.

Here were a couple of my favorites this week:

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It would be so cool if you read something great this week you share it in the comments below!