Are you the dad who doesn't notice?

Is it normal for a dad to pull up to his house, get out of his car, and walk into his house without saying a word to anyone?  I found it strange when his son was across the street playing.  There was zero acknowledgment.  Not even a glance.  What was even more strange is that the son paid no attention to the dad coming home either.  Neither the father nor the son was anticipating seeing each other or excited to see each other.  Yeah...we're talking "Cats in the Cradle" stuff right here. Some of you are like, "What's Cats in the Cradle?"

[youtube ntsBcIZZwuE]

Some of you are like, "Who's Ugly Kid Joe?"

Here's my point: As a leader what do you notice?  Do you notice the important things?

That takes us to the question: What are the important things?  That's easy to answer, what's important to those you lead?  The problem with most leaders is that they consider their thing the most important thing.  Does that make sense?  Sometimes leaders have to be reminded that just because someone has volunteered, or hired, doesn't mean that your priorities are their priorities.  I am not claiming that no one cares, I'm saying it won't be important to those you lead until those you lead are the most important thing.  I hope you notice.

Who has noticed you and made a difference in your life?