Episode 007 - What story telling can do for your leadership | Interview with Dan Portnoy

Contest for a free book!!!

Before we get started with the show notes here we have a BOOK GIVEAWAY! Dan has offered a free copy of The Non-Profit Narrative to a lucky listener of the Creative Leadership Podcast. Two simple things get you entered in to the contest and I will randomly select a winner, the contest ends by 11pm (CST) on January 24th. Here is what you have to do to enter:

1. Leave a comment below for Dan letting him know what you got out of the interview. (If you're reading this on the homepage, click on the post title above to get to comments)

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The winner wil be notified on January 25th.

Now to the show notes!

Show Notes:

In this seventh episode of the Non-Profit Narrative I interview Dan Portnoy about what story telling can do for our leadership. The conversation has a lot of helpful tips for those working in the non-profit sector. However, I wouldn't not pay attention if I was in any other line of leadership because Dan's words resonate across profit/non-profit lines.

(Trust me, Click the book)

Connect with Dan on Twitter: www.twitter.com/danportnoy

Episode 006 - Leveraging images in leadership | An interview with Ben Dodds

Show Notes

If you listen to this you will never take pictures the same! Ben gives us some insight on why images are powerful and what we can be doing to take better pictures. Ben is a non-profit director as well as being an exceptional photographer! Here is just one of Ben's great pictures.



For direct download of the episode click here.

I messed up the title of Dan Portnoy's book, the correct title is The Non-Profit Narrative: How telling stories can change the world.  If you work for a non-profit and haven't read this book, you need to.  It's one of my favorite reads of 2012.  I think I finished it in two days.

Click the image below to purchase this book:

Ben suggested a couple of iPhone apps to make you a better picture taker. Here are the links to those apps:

1. VSCO Cam

2. ProCamera

3. Darkroom

4. Picture Frames

5. Photoshop Express

You can see more of Ben's images at www.bendodds.com

CL Podcast Episode 005 - How you can become a better story teller for your non-profit

Show Notes:

Thanks so much for listening to my first solo podcast!  Passionate people work for non-profits because the cause is something they believe in.  So of course we want as many people as possible to know about it!

But how do we do that?  Most of us have been taught quarterly communication strategy and personal donor care.  But what about all these new opportunities to share provided for us through social media tools?  We are going to dip our toes into the sea of how to's for social media.

Here are some things I share:

CL 005
CL 005


First Touch Email Stats: My personal experience with most mass emails being dead by noon:


Infographic: Best Times to Tweet or Post on Facebook found on www.coolgraphics.com (Click the infographic to see original).

Thanks so much for listening to the CL Podcast.  If you have any questions or comments please leave them below!

Maybe you should consider doing a podcast?

I have an issue. I'm addicted to podcasts.  I know, it's not as dramatic as you hoped.  I might as well said I'm addicted to lettuce.  But hear me out (no podcast pun intended...okay, maybe it was).

I am learning so much through podcasts.  I think the most under utilized training tool on the planet is the podcast.  I can run an errand and learn something.  Plus I don't have to listen to commercials, which interrupt my train of thought!  Here are some of the podcasts I subscribe too and LOVE!

48 Days to the Job you Love hosted by Dan Miller

The Unofficial Linchpin by Seth Godin Podcast, hosted by Andy Traub

The EntreLeadership Podcast by Dave Ramsey hosted by Chris LoCurto

Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast hosted by Andy Stanley

The Podcast Answer Man hosted by Cliff Ravenscraft

In the Loop with Andy Andrews hosted by Andy Traub (Notice Andy Traub has made the list twice.  Can one man feel like another man's voice is soothing like a stream in the mountains?  Not...that...I...feel...).

So what about you?  Have you thought about jumping in and contributing?  Are you looking for a better way to lead, influence, or train?  Podcasting could be your best route to be a more effective leader.

Here is where I learned the basics from the legend of Podcasting, Cliff Ravenscraft.

Do you have a favorite podcast?  Share it below!