How do you protect your thoughts?

Leadership requires reflection.  Leaders need a place where thoughts and ideas can grow.  Personally, I have to move an idea out of my head by writing it down so that it can develop.  I have three great loves when it comes to reflection: 1. My Moleskin notepad, 2. Evernote, and 3. Anything I can use a dry erase marker on (mainly white boards and the glass top on my desk). My favorite of the three is my Moleskin notepad.

For some reason I've always enjoyed taking notes on graph paper.  There is something to the aesthetics of it that makes me feel like my notes are more organized so of course I grabbed the Moleskin filled with graph paper.

My Moleskin is tough.  I carry my work in a backpack because I have the freedom to work at any location that has wifi.  Since I move locations there is a lot of wear and tear on any regular notepad or notebook.  I am not very gentle when I place my backpack in my car.  My Moleskin notebook, however, has a soft leather cover and a band that keeps it closed so it travels great.  It also has a page marker to bring me back to my last idea I was working on.  Brilliant!

I use it for everything.  Planning.  Writing ideas.  Note taking.  Personal reminders.  Mind mapping.  Illustrations.  Brainstorming presentations.  All note taking ends up in my Moleskin notepad.

Moleskin notebooks come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and styles.   I made the mistake of purchasing mine at large bookstore unaware that the price on was significantly cheaper.  If you've been looking for a fantastic notepad I think you'll love owning a Moleskin.