Trying to be perfect is killing your dream

Do you get stuck trying to be perfect?

Has there been something you've been wanting to create?  Is there a project you have wanted to launch?  Is your life on stand still looking for the perfect career or perfect scenario?

What if I asked you to give up perfect?

Things have changed for us culturally.  Nothing starts perfect anymore.  People don't expect the first time to be perfect, they just expect it to be awesome.  People who expect perfection the first time are generally hurt people seeking to hurt others.

Think about it: How often do you update the apps on your phone?  How often does the software on your computer need to be updated?  Does your used car look just like this years model?  We have to stop worrying about perfection.  The right question to ask when you're stuck is, "Do I think this is awesome and will I be passionate enough to make it even better?"