Leaders, please learn from McDonald's

Are you prepared to change the way you communicate?

The way things are headed the information we share will only be as valuable as the receiver's ability to participate.  The more I discuss this with leaders I can see resistance from some.  These leaders want to deny that the change has occurred but we have moved from a Web 1.0 world into a Web 2.0 world.  How do we know it has changed?

When was the last time you ordered a meal from Wendy's or McDonald's?  The fast food system changed about 10 years ago, we went from asking for a Big Mac, medium fries, and a medium coke to simply saying, "Can I have a number 1?"  That was McDonald's version of Web 1.0.  McDonald's gathered the options, organized them, and gave you the information to make a decision.

But now when you go to order one of the preset (value) meals, the only set item is the main sandwich.  Every other item is now interchangeable.  "I want apples instead of fries." I'd like chocolate milk instead of a soda."  We expect to get to participate at a higher level than when the value meal was first released.  This is McDonald's version of Web 2.0, they understand that I want the right to participate.

Have you looked at CNN lately?  What about Have you looked at your local paper online?  At the bottom of a story what do you see?  Those are comments from participators.  You might want to get off your leadership throne because CNN has some pretty important information to share with a few people and they have a space for comments.  Your tribe is becoming more and more accustomed to participating in a Web 2.0 world and if there is a shift to Web 3.o than you're like the leader showing his first series Palm Pilot to a  friend with her iPhone 4S.  

How are you changing the way you communicate to your tribe in order to encourage participation and not just inform?

Photo credit to Danard Vincente