Breakin out some physics

I have one formula that I can remember from Physics: F=MA

That's right, Force = Mass times Acceleration

[youtube R55e-uHQna0]

What leader doesn't want their team to be a force?  The equation is true, a force (or a movement) is a result of a lot of people headed towards the same goal quickly.  I heard Erwin McManus say that a pack of Rhinos is called a "crash."  They are massive, run in a herd, and can only see about 30 feet ahead of them!  That would be a fun team to be a part of and nothing could stand against it.

When a team is filled with great people that are moving in a direction together it begins to work like gravity.  Other people can't help but get drawn into the direction the team is headed.  Here is why many leaders struggle to create a team that's a force: either that leader is not a developer of people or the leader hasn't made it clear what direction the team is supposed to go.