Buy the really

Did you know you can buy the moon?

Or at least someone out there will try to sell you the moon, and yes, I mean the actual moon.  I found this website that will sell you a small spot.

Sometimes as leaders, we want to sell people the moon.  Our team or organization needs a big pick me up.  Something needs to put some wind in the sails to keep people believing.  But we have to be careful because if we offer the moon at someone else's expense the result can be a loss of trust in your leadership.  Even those selling the moon know they can't offer you the entire moon without you thinking, "The whole moon, well that's ridiculous."  However, they can sell you a believable acre.  And of course they can, it's not like you're ever going to be able to afford to see it.

When you're leading your team towards a new direction it's important that they are the key investors in turning dreams into reality.  Here are the actions of leaders in time of change:

1.  Define reality

2.  Define the need

3.  Cast a vision

4.  Empower the team to define the work needed

5.  Assign Roles

6.  Set goals on a timeline

7.  Keep the vision in front of everyone

8.  Check in often with key leaders

9.  Celebrate everything

10.  Tell great stories

Leaders don't have to sell the moon to their people, they just have to help people accomplish their own dreams.  The reality for all of us is that we can't actually offer the moon but we can help those around us be part of something bigger than themselves.