Stop guessing

Successful teams have leaders who put themselves on the other side. They've created systems for their people but they have also tried them. Prior to launch they become incarnational, taking off their current role and stepping into someone else's to experience what they will ask of others. Leadership decisions empower people, not slow them down. We want to help people perform at a higher level.

 Photo credit to m1ke_pearce

When it comes to decisions that will effect your team are you guessing? Here are some questions to ask yourself when making a decision for other people to follow?

1. Could I do it? - If you can't do it then why are you expecting others to do it?

2. Is it simple? - Complex systems should have short shelf life. If they don't than your people will have short shelf life.

3. Is it necessary? - A decision making mistake is creating a system to control people instead of creating a system that empowers people. Don't disguise checking over a shoulder as "caring". I'm not saying checking progress is a bad thing. When key results are known up front than a follow up conversation around those results is expected. People recognize phony caring immediately!

4. Is it beneficial? - Chris LoCurto will say, "The role of the leader is to help his/her team win." Leaders can not make decisions that benefit themselves. That type of decision is beneficial for one instead of being beneficial for the whole. The litmus test on beneficial decision making is receiving input from those it will affect.

Let's make decisions that add value to the lives of those we lead instead of taking value away.

Please leave a comment around other ways you think leaders can empower people in decision making instead of slowing them down?