Five lies about change and how to fight back

Here are some leadership lies: 1.  This will never change.

2.  It's just a fad.

3.  Changing would cost too much money.

4.  Only a few people would actually use it.

5.  Can't teach an old dog new tricks.

I like challenging different leaders.  I specifically challenge them around their use of technology and their concept of social media.  I often hear the latter five lies.

Change for some people is difficult but change for leaders can be paralyzing.  Time and availability are critical tools in a leader's life as well as influence and finances.  Threaten any one of these in a leaders life and you will more than likely receive a "No" in your push for change.

I'm hard wired to resist change.  As a matter of fact we all are.  The lizard brain takes over (for a refresher on the Lizard Brain, watch video).


So how can we keep ourselves from being leaders who resist change?

1.  Recognize fear - If you are resisting change ask yourself, "Do I feel threatened by this change?"  If you can recognize fear you can do something about it.

2.  Know when to poke the box - As Seth Godin says in his outstanding book Poke the Box: If poking the box costs you less than or equal to nothing, then poke.

3.  Review core values - If a new technology or social media enables the team or organization to do one (or all) of your core values more effectively then change is a no brainer.

4.   Find a great coach - Our fear of anything is often a result of misunderstanding.  Seek out someone who can inform and equip you.  We always need a permission giver to do something new.  This doesn't mean you have to be the creator, it only means you have to be the first in your role or field to try.

Don't allow your lizard brain to hold you back as a leader!  We can't always wait around until someone else proves something works before we take action.  Leadership is not result of the scientific method, it's a result of action in the face of a uncertain result while others watch.