leading yourself

The reason you don't have much

Little is a product of little.  Much is a product of much. So why do you give little when you want so much?  The challenge is we have busy lives and we don't feel like we can gain much of anything (I don't mean "much" in a negative way).  We want to volunteer much of our time.  We want to have a much bigger impact on our community.  We want to have much more success in what we do.  We want to be a part of something much bigger than ourselves.  These are the kinds of "much" that most of us are looking for.

The secret to much is consistency.  If I try to eat a steak in a single bite I'm probably going to choke to death while thinking that I'm choking to death on something that used to mindlessly walk around in it's own poop!  However, if I consistently take bites I will have a much better experience enjoying my steak.   Our problem with getting much isn't that we don't try, it's that we aren't consistent enough to have the entire experience.

The key to having much of something (in a good way) is being consistant.  Relationships.  Work.  Fitness.  Rest.  Play.  The people who enjoy them the most are the most consistant people.