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How to break the spirit of a woman

Last week I wrote about what it took to break the spirit of a man and I had someone ask if I was going to write on how to break the spirit of a woman; so here we go! 1. Always make her feel like an administrator- when in doubt delegate the things you don't want to do to a woman, especially if you feel like you're above having to do the work for a task. Clearly, decision making is for the boys who once jumped out of the tree house just to see if they would survive.

2. Plant the seed of doubt- Use words that question her ability or use ambiguity towards desired results. Go ahead and plant that seed of doubt in a vague conversation because she will replay the conversation a thousand times over in her head. She will take the replayed conversation and then determine she didn't meet your expectation, therefore, she failed and you'll teach her to avoid taking on leadership roles.

3. Never mention her value- If you don't say it, she'll start to question it. That's called a win/win towards breaking her spirit.

4. Absolutely no vision casting- For the love of everything holy, don't ever mention what you think she might be capable of. That would be foolish and only speak hope to her. Instead, always cast a vision that has her in the next to lead role and tell yourself it's the best thing to protect her emotionally from the disappointment of never getting the lead role.

I'm pretty certain of two things: 1. Dinosaurs are dead and 2. Women have as much value in leadership as men do. Okay, I know, put your King James Version down for a second and hear me out. I am not the one who creates nor determines what position of authority someone might be assigned to. But I am responsible for using my gifts to build others; male or female. So if you are hung up on women in leadership, take it up with Big Fella and get out of the way so you stop blocking people from growing.

If you missed the last post, this is obviously a post laced with sarcasm. Do the opposite of these things and you can help develop women into strong leaders.