Lazy Melt*

Have you ever been like, "Wow, a __________ melt sounds good right now."  You might be a tuna melt fan.  Maybe it's grilled cheese.  I could see you being a chicken melt fan.

But some of us are far too lazy to actually make a ________ melt.  We don't want to dirty any dishes or make a mess.

I have your solution.

Take two slices of bread and put anything with cheese in the middle, make the sandwich of your choice.  Spread some butter on the top side of the piece of bread that's on top.

You ready for this?

Break out a torch and torch that mother (I got this one at Lowes).  Once you've got to the color you like your toast, flip the whole sandwich over and repeat.

Guess what?  Some genius just made a tuna melt using only the plate he ate on and it took under a minute.


* is not responsible for you burning down your house or personal injury.  Do not attempt if you are not over 21 years old or still might need parent supervision.