What to do when your leadership looks grey

In the midwest, when one drives out of the city, out the window are miles and miles of trees. In the winter and early spring it just looks like a bunch of lumber. Barren trees create a grey landscape, your eyes can get lost in it at 70 miles per hour.

Do you feel like one grey tree in the midst of a forest of other grey trees? Is this how you feel about your leadership? "Nothing is significant about me." "I'm just trying to keep from being the dead tree in this forest." These are common things you utter to yourself. How could one grey tree in the forest of grey ever be noticed?

Be the first to bloom.

New color in the midst of grey causes us to take notice. There is a change in our spirit on the first sight green after the season of everything being the same.

Does your leadership "bloom" first? In the world of grey are you offering the brightness of a new idea? Have you captured those you lead with new passion and new vision. Have you encouraged those you lead to "bloom"? Have you given the platform to share an idea? Don't make them wait for your permission.

Photo Credit to bgottsab