Measure everyone

Every person you lead has three outputs that you should pay attention to: 1.  Gifting- Their talents.

2.  Availability- Their pre-determined level of availability, this can be their time, finances, energy, etc.

3.  Teachability- How they receive and apply the coaching they receive.

You can have a highly gifted team member who makes themselves available to do the work but never does the work correctly because they aren't teachable.

You can also have a teachable person who has a lot of gifts but never makes themselves available to do anything.

Or you can have a teachable person who is available to do the work, but they never discover their gifts so they burn out trying to do it like everyone else.

Great leaders identify the one output that holds a person back and confronts it.  Here are some things to remember though: 1. Gifting you can't control or add into a person.  2.  Availability will only change if there is a clear expectation.  If the expectation is not met, it's time to cut them lose.  3.  Only the proud aren't teachable and some times pride needs to fail before it will listen.

Great leaders pay attention to these details and learn how to make others better.