The worst reason you could write a blog


The worst reason you could write a blog is to gain recognition.  Recognition alters your content.  It changes your words from a generous offering to digging for thoughts that will be read.  I think it's natural that someone would write to be read.  But we have to look back and ask ourselves the hard question: "Why participate in social media at all?"

Because what we want is your best creative offering.  Something that is a gift to us.  Something that feels generous and reads easy.

I remind myself that if I try to write something complicated I'm trying to be read instead of trying to contribute.

I could say all the same things about leadership.  That's why blogging is such a great tool for leaders.  Leadership should be clear.  Leadership should be an offering.  Leadership should help others.

What are some other pitfalls for bloggers trying to write to be read instead of writing to contribute?  Please leave your comment below!


The new secret weapon you need

There is a new powerful weapon online. The companies, organizations, and individuals are increasing engagement with their tribes through this tool. If you want to have an impact online it's something you need to measure. What is it? It's called being generous.

Why is being generous a powerful tool online?

One of my favorite companies is I started ordering shoes from Zappos a couple of years ago. My first order arrived the NEXT DAY! I didn't ask for next day, I had selected normal shipping. A thank you letter and a notice that they upgraded me to next day and no extra cost was in the box! Last year I ordered another pair of shoes from Zappo and low and behold, they showed up the next day. This time I opened up Twitter and praised Zappos. About a minute later Zappos responded saying that I was a great costumer and they upgraded me to VIP status, which means I will always get next day shipping at no cost and prices on shoes that the non VIP costumer doesn't get! Are you kidding me!?

Do you know how many people I've told to buy shoes from Zappos and how many times I've shared this testimony? It happens all the time. Probably once a month I talk about how great Zappos is. This is my point about being generous online. Being generous online creates a hype online and word of mouth that is incomparable. If you are a leader you want to have a generous reputation. If you desire to have a platform online you want to have a generous reputation. If you are a company with a great product you want to have a generous reputation. Generosity will generate an incredible amount of hype for you but you can't fake generosity. You either are or you aren't.

Have you experienced a company or individual that was generous online? Did you think it was worth their time to be generous? Please comment below!