Are you the reason someone is stuck?

I bet you are and you've never considered it.  I wouldn't have guessed I was the reason until today but I am.  People get stuck because you and I want them to be stuck there.

I was in a conversation today with other leaders around the topic of judging.  We talked about how offended God is when we judge others and we judge ourselves.  All this inspiration came from Sarah Young's brilliant devotional Jesus Calling.   

One of the leaders in the room, his name is Dave, had a unique perspective.  He said that when he reads Jesus' words about forgiveness he sees that Jesus wants us to allow people to grow.  Instead we can judge another person, or ourselves, at a specific time and keep them forever judged as that person regardless if it was two months, or five years, or twenty years ago.

 I think Dave is smart because we both feel the same way about bacon.  Bacon is a gift.

I've thought a lot about what Dave said today and how many people I want to be stuck as who they were when I was hurt, offended, or angered.  It's a slippery slope because I know to the measure I forgive is the measure to which I am forgiven.  I hold a great amount of hope grace plays a part of who I am and grace leaves space for me to become something better.  But do I hold the same hope for others?  Do I hold the same hope for those I have judged?  

Who do you need to let loose?  You might need to stop judging yourself?   

Can we be great leaders if we don't stop to see who we've caused to get stuck?