3 ways you can become a better leader using social media

Am I valuable? Am I known?

These are the pitfall questions for leaders in social media.  

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Many leaders have a backwards view of social media.  Most see it as an output opportunity.  As if we have to be the source of all information to followers.  Older leaders will transfer their concept of mail to social media.  The gathering of information and then sending it to followers who never respond, only receive.

But this is a new time and social media goes beyond just information: it's interaction.  Leaders have a unique opportunity to engage their tribe online.  Instead of getting online to send information we can now get online to participate in the lives of our tribe.  We can see their lives.  What matters.  What hurts.  What causes excitement.  And we can participate.

This new level of engagement is not measured by the output but instead by participation.  Here are some ways for leaders to be participating:

1.  Get online to see - If you know who is in your tribe make sure you pay attention to what they are posting on social media channels.  A status update, tweet, or photo posted says, "This is happening in my life, do you think it matters?"  

2.  Get online to comment - This is probably the biggest mistake that leaders make.  They get online and post what's going on for them but they never engage in someone else's life.  Leaving a comments demonstrates we see the value in other people.  Although we want everyone's attention what gets it online is our ability to leave a comment and it gets seen by alerts.  

3.  Get online to start a conversation - Web 1.0 was the beginning of the internet.  Information was king.  We could find anything we wanted.  Now we have are numb to all the information that is coming at us.  Actually, we've trained our brains to only see the information we are interested in.  What we long for online is to be part of a conversation, to have interaction, and to further relationships.  Leaders who really get the power of social media are creating great conversations every day.  Because of these conversations tribe members feel involved in things that matter and have value in their lives.  Leaders can find relevant stories, blogs, or links that can create awesome conversations for the tribe to circle around and discuss.

Be a leader online.  Focus on promoting others.  In this new internet based world promotion of others is the most effective tool for self promotion.

What do you see great leaders doing online?  What are they doing that they weren't doing five year ago?  Please leave a comment below!


The new "Fab Five" tools of relational fundraising: #2 and #1

"Fab Five" tools #2 and #1

Social Media and www.hootsuite.com


Let's start with tool #2: Social Networks.

SN's are valuable in relational fundraising for two reasons.  The first being that the social network now allows leaders to see and engage more in the lives of their tribe members (those who are invested).  The second is that SN's are a gateway to stories on the blog and equip the tribe with a roadmap to lead others.

Ultimately, SN's are changing the way the world does relationships.  The protagonist will immediately jump in with the argument that "online" relationships aren't real.  My response, "Of course not," but there is a strong chance your relationship with your neighbor, or with your co-worker, or with your mother, or with you cable guy is not very real either.  Think about how many daily interactions you have that actually have no substance in your life.  More than likely, you have very few people that you have close relationships with.  Malcolm Gladwell in his brilliant book Tipping Point reminds us that our relational ability has a limit, right around 100 people.  So don't throw your nose in the air at those connected online because they are probably having more "real" interactions with one another than you are with your mechanic who you would recommend to the Pope.

Leaders who scoff at using a social network lack the desire to engage their tribe.  Now, more than ever, leaders need to be online in SN's because they are the new window into the lives of those most invested in our vision.  That's where we have to start getting online to say, "I see you," before saying, "Please see me."  Then we have to interact, we have to leave comments on statuses we see.  We need to leave comments on the pictures that are important enough for a person to post for everyone to see.  We have to say "Happy Birthday!" or "Congratulations!" or "I'm so sorry for your loss, praying for you!"

Also, leaders need to understand the power of the "retweet," the "like," and the "comment," from tribe members.  The tribe is the best marketer we have in this new world of more information than we can digest.  Using SN's as the "roadmap" to our best stories empowers the tribe to say to other potential tribe members, "Follow me, I know how to take you to exactly what you are looking for."

And finally, let's talk about tool #1: www.hootsuite.com

Hootsuite is the answer to any leader who has looked at SN's and felt overwhelmed.  Hootsuite is a social media dashboard, meaning that you can manage every single social media site from one place.  If you have your personal Facebook and Twitter accounts, your organizations blog, and your organizations Facebook page you can manage all from Hootsuite's dashboard.

Here are the BIG advantages to using www.hootsuite.com:

1.  Consistant message- It allows you to post the same message across each SN that you choose.

2.  Schedule messages- Pro bloggers know that when you say it is as important as what you say.  The most attention you will get from any person is first thing in the morning while their attention span is fresh.  If you want to share a great story with the tribe, schedule the link to your blog story on SN's for 7:00am.  Believe it or not, the next highest attention span times are bathroom breaks at 11:30am and before going to bed at 9:30pm.  Scheduling messages is also incredibly helpful when it comes to seasonal strategy.  December is a huge month for year end giving and in September you could schedule tweets and Facebook posts to remind your tribe to give in that critical time.  That's leverage!

3.  Awareness of engagement- Hootsuite allows the user to see who's talking back without a lot of clicking.  You log in, hit the tab of the SN you want to see and everything is right there on one page.

4.  Cut the crap- I like Hootsuite because I absorb less worthless information.  Even in the free version there is not the bombardment of advertising.  That's refreshing.

There is the new "Fab Five" tools of relational fundraising.  The old way of relational fundraising has not faded away, we just have some new arrows in the quiver.  We can tell great stories in a brand new way using a blog.  For the image driven culture we can easily post fantastic pictures of the vision becoming reality from our mobile devices.  When we want to draw in people emotionally we can post a video from a very professional site that values video as an art.  We can engage our tribe at a high level and leverage their influence on others by using Social Networks as our roadmap to our story.  And finally there is a tool that brings all of this to a single place, allowing us to manage more with less work!