Intriguing thought from a Disney World bathroom

Have you been in one?  I was in one today and noticed something was different?  It took me a little while to recognize what it was but eventually I realized why this bathroom was so different: there were NO mirrors above the sinks.  In order not to be a total creeper I refrained from taking a picture, you're just going to have to trust me.  The only mirror was a small one hanging by the entry/exit. I tried to find out why on Google but couldn't find any reason for the lack of mirrors.  My first thought was less time in the bathroom meant more money in the park but I don't think that is it.  Can having too much time looking at yourself affect the amount of fun you're having?  

Is that what happens to you?  Are you passionate about something?  Are you creative in some type of way that's a different from others?  Have you discovered something new that you really enjoy but you don't feel like you have absolute support on?  

I suggest you take Disney's advice, walk away from the mirror and get back out there and have fun.  The longer you look in the mirror the more you're going to find something wrong and the more distracted you're going to be from doing what you truly love and enjoy.