How you can cause great change

A person who has leadership built into their heart can't help but desire great change.  "We can't stay here. We can't stay this way.  We can't continue to use this system.  We can't continue to expect a different result doing the same things."  Leaders use these phrases often.

You're probably like me and you fall easily into believing big "new" changes will have an effect on everything.  But I've learned that as much as I want to press for big changes at levels I can't control, my energy is better spent making small but consistant changes to myself.  More often than not the change required needs to happen in me.

Frustrating.  I know.

But it's important to remember because when we make small changes to ourself it causes a ripple of change in our story.  And it's our story that has a significant change on others.  And it's others that eventually change the whole.  I'm trying to remind myself to try to change exterior factors less and change interior factors more.  Story provides a better glimpse of what could be or the potential for something far better than a system change.  Unless of course the system your changing is how you share stories.  But the first story you should share is your own because the change happening in you gives someone else the opportunity to see the same possibility of change in themselves.

So would you like to cause big change today?  Then start with a small change about yourself and be the leader who isn't scared to be transparent in the process of this change.

How has personal change caused everyone around you to be better?  Please leave your comments below!