A social network platform is good business

Let's say you had built a really great business.   You've poured energy, thought, and sweat into every little detail of this business.  You love your business.  Not only that, you feel called to provide the service you do. Every business owner understands the power of relationship and recommendation.  Relationship with customers is what keeps a customer when your price of product is higher than the other guy.  The same is true towards the business owner and their own vendors, we are more likely to keep our business with those we have a relationship with. Business owners love the call from a potential customer that starts with, "Hey, I was talking with one of your other customers and they told me I should call you."  Jackpot.

Let's take it one step further: What if a potential customer not only heard about your relationship with another customer but they were able to see your calling to serve as well?  What if they could have a inside look at what you were trying to do better as a business?  What if they were able to see how passionate your team was about your business?  What if they were able to see lots of costumers praising your business?  Think about the exposure this could bring to the service you want to provide?

This is all possible through establishing a social network platform.  But it's not about mass marketing or random tweets, it's about making personal touches of your business public.  It's about looking at your tribe and encouraging them and their interaction with one another.  It's about the ability to say, "I see you working" and I'm passionate about what we are doing together or I'm passionate about the service we are providing to you as a customer.

The old way of business is drifting away.  The business networks of the past are slowly fading away because of the power of e-commerce.

Is your business prepared?  Do you have a plan to engage the next generation of customers?