What Albert Pujols, Tim Tebow, and Harry Potter have in common

Absolutely nothing. At least not to me.  I'm sure someone out there could find some phenomenal commonalities and write a fascinating blog post that could change your week but this one isn't it.

I wanted you to see the title of this blog entry and click on it because it proves a point.  All of us in leadership are now bidding for the attention of people.  The internet allows people to make an instant decision about information they want to receive and information they don't want to receive.  For a leader this leads to THE question, "So how do I get people's attention so that they will BE A PART of this ____________ (team, organization, company, etc...)?"

Each of the figures have a tribe, BIG tribes, and the tribe is already interested.  The reason you clicked on this is that you knowingly or unknowingly are a part of one of those three tribes.  An experience is the difference, that's how a person becomes even more engaged!  All three have a strategy to feed their tribes information and allow connection around an experience or their tribes would fall apart (Pujols will continue to hit bombs, Tebow will continue to win games, Harry will continue with movies, books, and I guarantee Broadway is coming soon).  I guess what the three have in common is that none of them are hurting in the financial column, what do you think?

We are leading in a new time, leading and connecting the tribe has to be priority one for all leaders.  An experience creates belonging to a tribe, but leadership and communication towards future experiences keeps people in the tribe.

Question: How are you being connected to your favorite tribe?