Are you a great coach?

If we want our leadership to extend past our own reach we have to be a great coach.  

Here are ways to recognize if you are a great coach.

1.  The team has a culture of fun - Great coaches create a culture of fun in the midst of great challenges.  

2.  Every team member knows what it takes to win - If you haven't been clear on what it means to win you are cheating your team.  I see three "must's" for a leader to be clear on what it takes to win: You must be clear on expectations, you must be direct, and you must be a coach that practices candor.   

3.  They constantly coach the basics - The difference between a pro and an amateur is the time it takes to perform the basics.  When a coach chooses to walk away form the basics the team will perform worse before they perform better.

4.  They are excellent communicators - The great coaches will always bring their team back to the "why" then they address the when, where, and what.  When "the why" is hazy, the reason to act is not clear.

What did you see in the best coach you've ever had?