You are so broken...

...aren't we all though?  The longer I lead the more I learn about brokeness.  My own brokeness stands out the most but I also see and deal with other people's brokeness. [youtube Johj5WEYzZo]

What kills leaders is when we try to pick up people's pieces and try to make  them a whole person.  We can't even handle our own broken pieces, what are we thinking trying to put anyone else back together.  Leadership doesn't look like fixing people, leadership looks like serving people.  We confuse the concept of service as being only acts we can do for people.  We serve people by calling them to high vision.  We serve people by telling them they are failing on a commitment.  We serve people by cheering for them hysterically when they have reached a personal goal.  We serve people when we call out more in them than they think they possess.

Are you trying to fix people or are you trying to serve people?  God himself is not trying to make people complete he is redeeming broken people.  I heard someone say, "God doesn't ask us to do more, God asks to believe more."

How are you being a redeemed person in a leadership role?