blue like jazz

Is Twitter Evangelical?

Shut the front door. [youtube=WFoe3wYvFUA]

You better believe it is (Whoop whoop).

Do you know why most "Evangelical" organizations shy away from Twitter and other social media? Because it talks back. Yet the organizations having the most impact online are the ones that take the heat and apologize online. It's almost shocking it's so simple.  But the larger the organization the less likely they are to say, "We're sorry we screwed that up, we're asking for your forgiveness."

In this new modern era of abundant information a sincere, "I was wrong" or "We were wrong" is a light on a hill in the darkest part of night. Could it be any more backwards that Evangelical Organizations have the hardest time asking for mercy and forgiveness, the very foundation of its beliefs?

But there is a new Evangelical rising up and it's happening through mediums like Twitter. You can find it portrayed in the movie Blue Like Jazz where a Christian college student repents for the wrongs of Christianity to his entire campus (See the trailer below). The new evangelism will not tell others they are wrong and we are right.  The new evangelism will display it's belief in forgiveness. But the gut check for any of us in Christian leadership is asking ourselves, "Am I okay admitting I screwed up and the whole world can see it?"

Leaders, what are some of the fears you feel when you ask yourself that questions?  Please leave your comments below!