The must read for Non-Profit story tellers

I've found the book that should be required reading for those leading communication in non-profit organizations. The Non-Profit Narrative: How Telling Stories Can Change the World by Dan Portnoy is the clearest strategy I have read on how to share the impact of your organization online.

Portnoy's strategy is refreshing because he educates on what makes a compelling story.

"The standard story is quite simple (but it's not necessarily easy to communicate). It has a setting, a protagonist, and an antagonist. It has an inciting incident. It includes three parts: Act One (beginning), Act Two (middle), and Act Three (end) and the stakes must become greater.

The book describes each component of story and how to identify the same components already present in your non-profit work. Portnoy also provides thoughts on how to build your story as well as the timing for when each part of the story should be shared with your tribe.

A myth in non-profit work the book focuses on: Donors only want measurable data in order to judge if a investment should be made. Donors are no different than you and I, they are looking to be engaged in a great story. The static website is the least useful story telling platform yet most non-profit communication leaders believe it makes them "current."

Portnoy writes, "Your website has to be a living, breathing entity. You don't need a website, you need a hub of activity - a communication machine that never shuts off." This is the most common mistake of non-profits, they build a static website that shares information but it never changes. One of the most cost effective tools to share current stories - a blog.

If you're ready to accept that things have changed and there is a new opportunity for engagement online than this is a MUST read! The book is currently FREE to Kindle users who are Amazon Prime members. To purchase the book click on any of the links above or purchase below! You will be thankful you read this book!