Get your butt in the room!

So we've been talking about millennials leading other millenials, which I think is so challenging.  The question has been how do we have EPIC leadership (Experiential, Participatory, Image driven, and Connected)?  So let's finish this sucker off and talk about the value of connectedness. Anyone who has ever led a team has felt the advantages of a connected team and the disadvantages of a disconnected team.  A connected team runs through walls together.  A disconnected team stops short on the charge and lets the leader run head first into the wall splitting his/her forehead open, drooling and screaming incoherently, and then weeping on the curb wondering where everyone else was when the wall fought back.  I've seen it a hudred times.

[youtube jCyaXh-VZco]

So how do we create an environment where people feel connected to one another?  Really, the question is how do we create a community and not just a team?

Patrick Lencioni in The Five Dysfunctions of a Team (This is one of my must reads if you are a leader.  Get out from under the rock and open a book!) notes that the first breakdown of a team is absence of trust.  Lencioni's challenge is that vulnerability always begins with the leader.  I think this might be the scariest thing when leading your peers because it's like handing a shank to the person your sharing a prison cell with.  But here's the good news: the imperfect leader allows for imperfect people to do great things.

When imperfect people are engaged in changing the world they should recognize that not one of them is capable of fixing everything.  After all, they're imperfect.  If this is a faith based mission, prayer is the greatest resource to connect one another.  It's invaluable, because it allows the imperfect people to focus on the one who is able.

To paraphrase the author of Hebrews, let's not stop getting together in a room.  Because as soon as we stop meeting together, the wheels are going to come off this community and we are all going to be stranded not doing anything effective.  Meeting together is a principle but actually getting together is a practice.

Millennials need to get together in the same room often and pray together.  But don't we all?