What's holding you back

This probably won't be a very popular post. But it's been something that I've been thinking a lot recently. I keep finding myself thinking, "Wow, that person is so gifted and could be having the most incredible impact on others but for some reason they aren't." For months I have been processing this thought because it keeps happening over and over again and I've realized the same thing is keeping all these people back. What is it? Shield thine eyes from this horrific sight!

Most people are being held back from being great leaders because they are consumed by what's happening at their own address. And this isn't an accusation because I experience the same trap as everyone else. Turning inside and focusing on my needs instead of the needs of others. Let me give you a couple of thoughts on what I mean by becoming consumed by our own address.

1. Keeping up with the Jones' - I think the only way you win out on this one is if your last name is actually Jones (Then add another last name). Many adults are more caught up in what they don't have instead of the impact they could make. It's common for adults to function without a realistic budget and their financial goals are based upon owning objects instead of net worth. And that's why people never arrive outside their own address because they are constantly consumed with the right counter tops, or the right tv, or the right furniture, or the right cars in the garage. Can you see how that never ends?

2. The next thing event - Now that I'm in my mid thirties I can see that life is all about seasons. Every season has some big moments. New Jobs. New relationships. New Family. But the reality is that every season passes. Which means every big event that comes along with those moments also passes. Although they should be treated that way we instead treat them as destinations. But in reality they are just moments in time that will be behind us as soon as they are before us. Are you trading a chance to have a life long impact for a single moment of time? Don't let the next thing side track you.

3. Kids - I know this doesn't apply to everyone but if you have kids you know how easy it is to become consumed in the lives of your own kids. We think it's good parenting to make our very existence around the lives and activities of our own kids. However, this just passes down the issue we're talking about. My generation was the first where parents decided that it was better for their kids to be busy than to be bored. And we've put that thought on steroids! As someone who works with kids, as well as having kids, I can say kids are more busy now than they ever have been. We owe it to our kids to show them there are people in need outside of our address and participating in the Kingdom of God is crucial!

Maybe you are in a season of being consumed with what's happening at your own address. There's nothing wrong with stopping and reevaluating your daily activities. But don't let moments in time direct your every day! There are others who need your leadership!