Groupon is like crack

I'll just come out and say it...I love Groupon.  How could a person not love Groupon?  It's marketing genius!  A company decides to put an item or service on sale for a single day, and in return Groupon advertises that deal on social networks to thousands of subscribed members.  Groupon is like the Home Shopping Network on crack! (And safer.)

[youtube qPZW28L4deo]

I've realized, however, that Groupon brings out a very negative truth about me.  I don't like to work as hard to get something at its full value.  Think about it, that is why Groupon is so attractive.  I'd be willing to bet that most people buy a Groupon, even though they shouldn't be spending the money, ONLY because they are afraid of paying full value for something.  This same thought process is infiltrating my life in other places, too.  I'm sure it is effecting my work and my leadership.

Are you a "Groupon stlye" leader?  Are you a "Groupon style" worker/employee/student?  Do you go after something only when it requires less work and costs you less? The Groupon strategy is effective at moving a product or service, but less work and less cost will never move people past an obstacle.