Lessons from the SNOW-APOCALYPSE 2011

The SNOW-APOCALYPSE of 2011 here in Missouri proved herself to be legit. She threw two nasty punches: the first being the almost two feet of snow she dropped; the second was that I would have to use a SHOVEL to clean it up. However, since my brain never shuts off, I thought of some comparisons between my experience and yours! 1. The work can seem overwhelming. This was my view when I opened my garage.

2. If we, or you expect someone else, to do the work then the right tools are required.

3. If we want to create change we need, and people need, guided tasks. There was no way I could clear the drive instantaneously. Stop expecting it out of yourself as well as people.

4. When we lead, be willing to fail in front of people, or in my case, fall down. No really, I slipped on ice and fell down; in front of God, my neighbors, and two boys who were cracking up 50 feet away.

5. Remember to stop and celebrate. As much as I would have liked God to make it snow into a mini mountain next to my driveway and keep it off my driveway, he chose me to be involved. We celebrate his work and my work; we're a team. We call ourselves "Thunderstruck" since "Sons of Thunder" was taken by Peter and Andrew. (I know, Bible humor foul)