Slapping everyone, never a good idea

I have really enjoyed my iPhone and all the great apps that come with it.  One of my favorite apps is a mass text messaging app, because it helps me communicate to teams of people more efficiently.  However, I recently discovered a downside of the app after  I added a new person to my phone and entered their phone number incorrectly.  This same person was also plugged into a group of mine that I mass text often.  I  sent a text to this group trying to inform them of something coming up and received a text back that read, "Stop texting me.  Wrong #."  (I'm disappointed with myself, I didn't save it  to show you!).  For some reason I wanted to continue to antagonize this person simply for not saying "Please stop texting me.  Wrong #." As I reflected on my error it reminded me of a mistake I often made as a young leader.  When one person on my team acted less committed than the rest of the team and its' goals  I would send an email enforcing a standard, or policy, masked as a mass message to get the attention of the one person.  This approach creates confusion, and some resentment, for those who never should have received the message. The folks who were doing what they said they would do.

Don't ever slap the hand of everyone when only one hand is complacent. I can promise you the hands that are working will strike you back, after all, they were active hands in the first place.