The new "Fab Five" tools of relational fundraising: #4

Fab Five tool #4


Instagram was recently named the iPhone app of the year in 2011 by Apple.  For good reason, it's a simple smart phone app that allows users to add a filter on their pictures making them even more attractive and unique.  So what does Instagram have to do with relational fundraising?  Our current culture is drawn to dynamic images.  Here's an example:



A tool like Instagram is cheating for the average photographer like me, it simply makes my story telling to investors and potential donors even better by having more attractive pictures.

A couple of things to remember when using Instagram.

1.  Look for opportunity-  When you are living out the vision of the mission be prepared to take pictures.

2.  Know how to be quick-  I've mentioned this before but know how to take the fastest possible picture on your smart phone.  If you have a current iPhone with the 4.0 software update break out your phone, double click the home button, click on the camera icon to open your phone, turn the phone so it's horizontal, and use the volume bar to snap the picture like a camera.  Later, when you have more time, open Instagram and click on the camera icon that's labeled "Share."  Click on the stacked window icon on the left and it will take you to your photo roll.  Select the photo you want to filter and then choose the filter.  The image is uploaded to your Instagram library but it is also saved in your photo library on your device.

3.  Faces, Faces, Faces-  If you are fundraising for something that's about people take pictures of faces.  A wise YL staff person once said, "Once you get close enough for the picture take two steps closer."

4.  Exposure is key-  In some instances one can be tempted to choose a filter based on a perceived cool factor of the finished product.  Don't buy into this temptation, choose the filter that puts the most light into your image.  You don't want the picture to be mysterious, you want it to be clear.

Remember the saying from the first day we started this conversation, "As the leader your investment in fundraising is telling great stories."  Instagram improves my story to a image driven culture.

What do you love about Instagram?