Flavor Flav

What Public Enemy teaches us about Loving Leadership

Whelp, today is Valentine's Day, so it feels necessary to talk about love.  I have to fight off any references to Tilla Tequilla, Brett Micheals, New York, or [youtube F6kfUxCpWqE]

One thought on Love and Leadership:  Scripture teaches us that love is a choice.  Choose to love people.

These things kill the passion and love your people have for your organization and your leadership:

1.  Lack of training

2.  Lack of voice

3.  Stifling their creativity

4.  You don't trust them with projects or relationships with people

5.  You never say, "Way to go!"

6.  You never say, "Thank you!"

7.  You don't challenge them

8.  You don't ask, "What can I be doing better?"

9.  They never hear from you, "Sorry, I screwed that one up."

10.  You tell them where the team is headed instead of saying, "I have this vision, how would you get us there?"

Can you imagine a world where Chuck D said to Flavor Flav, "I'm sorry, but you think to far out of the box for Public Enemy.  We need safe people if we are going to be successful."  I'm literally fighting back tears.