Rob Dyrdek could preach

I am teaching a seminar a week from today on millennials leading millennials so I thought I'd use this place to work out some thoughts. I'm going to focus my seminar around a challenging thought that Leonard Sweet has proposed to the entire Christian Community.  Can we be EPIC?  Make sure you have read the article or I might lose you here; at least scroll down and see the acronym defined.


Do you know who brilliantly defines the experience?  These guys:


I am such a huge fan of anything that involves Rob and Big.  They make you feel like you are part of an experience, it's like you're right there with them!  I find myself giddy at the end of every episode feeling like I've been on an adventure.

If you are a young leader, is this present in your leadership?  Are you thinking about how to offer people an experience, something to be a part of? Meetings are not going to make a significant impact on your peers.  You have to be like Rob Dyrdek.

Plan ahead and make experiences for your peers to be a part of.  If you don't, they are going to disengage from the direction you are trying to lead them.