Dan Portnoy

Episode 007 - What story telling can do for your leadership | Interview with Dan Portnoy

Contest for a free book!!!

Before we get started with the show notes here we have a BOOK GIVEAWAY! Dan has offered a free copy of The Non-Profit Narrative to a lucky listener of the Creative Leadership Podcast. Two simple things get you entered in to the contest and I will randomly select a winner, the contest ends by 11pm (CST) on January 24th. Here is what you have to do to enter:

1. Leave a comment below for Dan letting him know what you got out of the interview. (If you're reading this on the homepage, click on the post title above to get to comments)

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The winner wil be notified on January 25th.

Now to the show notes!

Show Notes:

In this seventh episode of the Non-Profit Narrative I interview Dan Portnoy about what story telling can do for our leadership. The conversation has a lot of helpful tips for those working in the non-profit sector. However, I wouldn't not pay attention if I was in any other line of leadership because Dan's words resonate across profit/non-profit lines.

(Trust me, Click the book)

Connect with Dan on Twitter: www.twitter.com/danportnoy