Where do Ideas come from?

Leaders who interpret leadership incorrectly say, "I have a great idea."The best ideas come from people who are closest to the work, those who we are probably leading. Great leaders recognize when change is coming and call out new ideas from within their people.

Key Phrases for Leaders longing for growth and change:

"I see __________ happening, how do you think we should solve that?"

"What am I not doing?"

"Is there anything I can be helping you with?"

"Is there anything we are doing that you think needs to go?"

"I'm sorry."

"That's my fault."

"What's something new that YOU think we could be doing?

"WE need YOU to be creative"

Phrases used by those who have permission to express ideas, they say:

"Thanks for letting me do this."

"Thanks for believing in me."

"I really enjoy our time together."

"Your fly is unzipped."

"You have something in your teeth."

"When you slipped and fell, that was so funny."

(The last three indicate that your people really feel like they can be honest and creative)

Watch your people; give them space and the opportunity to create new ideas.  You'll see something engage in their hearts like watching a room full of high school folks engage this beat:

[youtube 00WWGCaENnc]

Don't act like you don't want to Dougie too.